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About Director

sanjay patel

Dim Light Pictures Inc.

An engineer, author, and a passionate person about using film as a tool for social change, Sanjay’s one of the goals for life is to educate, enlighten, and empower others. Sanjay is interested in exploring how films can change attitudes, beliefs, and bring about individual and social change. Sanjay believes, if used correctly, the films could be an extremely powerful tool. It can help us understand the world from another’s viewpoint. They can make us aware of issues we would never see or experience in our own lifetimes.

Sanjay made his debut as director and producer with the award winning short film If You Love Your Children. Since its August 2014 release in Los Angeles, the film has won 20 international awards from places as far flung as Flickerfest in Australia to Delhi International Film Festival in India. UNION LEADER is Sanjay’s first feature film.